act of reparation for blasphemies

Act of Reparation for Blasphemies Uttered Against the Holy Name

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act of reparation for blasphemies

Daily, countless blasphemies are uttered against the Holy Name of Jesus in the media and in common parlance. This is why those of us who honor and revere the name of Jesus should frequently make an act of reparation for blasphemies uttered against the Holy Name of Jesus.

January 2nd is the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, according to the 1962 calendar.

Why Must We Make Acts of Reparation?

” We must give up certain satisfactions and practise mortification because others are suffering, and do these things with the greatest sympathy, because we feel drawn to share their sufferings. We must deprive ourselves likewise of certain pleasures, because others indulge in them to excess. In this case, we wish to ransom or compensate for their immoderation. So far as our position and powers allow, we try to maintain a certain level in the life of men.”
The Ideal of Reparation by Fr Raul Plus

We must make Acts of reparation for those who purposely seek to defile the name of our Lord. Their are those who go out of their way to shock pious ears, because they hate everything about Christianity.

We must pray for these people who are in darkness.

We must also pray make acts of reparation for those who defile our Lord’s name without even knowing it.

This world has become so profane that it’s hard to distinguish between normal language and profane language. Language that used to be unacceptable is now part of modern parlance.

Sometimes, we use abbreviations or nicknames in order to avoid blasphemy, not realizing that we are still blaspheming.

We must offer reparation and pray for the Lord to enlighten our brethren, so that they might become aware.

Lastly, we need to make reparation for all the times we have blasphemed the holy name of Jesus, knowingly, or in a fit of rage. We too are culpable.

Let us make it a practice to make acts of reparation for blasphemies uttered against the Holy Name of Jesus.

Act of Reparation for Blasphemies Uttered Against the Holy Name of Jesus

“O Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer, Son of the living God, behold, we kneel before Thee and offer Thee our reparation; we would make amends for all the blasphemies uttered against Thy holy name, for all the injuries done to Thee in the Blessed Sacrament, for all the irreverence shown toward Thine immaculate Virgin Mother, for all the calumnies and slanders spoken against Thy spouse, the holy Catholic and Roman Church.

O Jesus, who has said: “If you ask the Father anything in My name, He will give it to you,” we pray and beseech Thee for all our brethren who are in danger of sin; shield them from every temptation to fall away from the true faith; save those who are even now standing on the brink of the abyss; to all of them give light and knowledge of the truth, courage and strength for the conflict with evil, perseverance in faith and active charity!

For this do we pray, most merciful Jesus, in Thy name, unto God the Father, with whom Thou livest and reignest in the unity of the Holy Ghost world without end. Amen.”

Official Holy Name Manual

act of reparation for blasphemies

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