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An Act of Faith – A Beautiful Expression of One’s Belief in the Real Presence

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The Act of Faith is a beautiful expression of one’s belief in the Real Presence.

A Pew Research Study shows that 7/10 Catholics don’t belive in the Real Presence.  How horrible! We must do reparation for this disbelief, which is an insult to our Savior.  

Yet, it is no surprise, considering that many priests and bishops don’t really believe what they espouse. Belief in the Real Presence will take lots of prayers for the conversion of our Catholic brothers and sisters.

The Act of Faith is found at the beginning and end of some missals as well as in the Raccolta. It’s a wonderful prayer to pray before receiving communion.

May this prayer enrich your faith in the Real Presence and draw to Him those who do not believe.

An Act of Faith

 I firmly believe, O my divine Jesus, that Thou art truly present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

I believe that It really and substantially contains Thy Body and Blood, Thy soul and divinity.

I acknowledge these truths; I believe these wonders; I adore the power that has wrought them, the same power that said: “Let there be light”, and light was made.

Verily, Thou art a hidden God, the God of Israel the Saviour.


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  1. I don’t believe it’s Jesus ‘real presence’ either. I firmly believe his spirit is present. I know Orthodox (eastern) believe real/actual presence also.

    Can you answer a question? Do the children in Catholic schools taught any part or stories in the Bible or are they taught church doctrine, traditions and ethics in religion classes?

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