bishop robert g. morlino has died

BREAKING: Bishop Robert G. Morlino Has Died – We Lost a Good One

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bishop morlino has died
Bishop Robert G. Morlino

Bishop Robert G. Morlino has died.  Let that sink in.

We wish to extend our condolences to faithful Catholics everywhere, but especially to the faithful Catholics in the diocese of Madison, Wisconsin on the death of their Bishop, Robert G. Morlino, who died yesterday, November 24th.

There is No Doubt Bishop Morlino Fought the Good Fight

Bishop Morlino was installed as Bishop of Madison Wisconsin in 2003 and he began to make changes that inspired and heartened orthodox Catholics and caused much grief to liberal, modernistic Catholics.

He loved the liturgy and he loved the Traditional Latin Mass.  During his tenure, the Latin Mass flourished in his diocese.

With love and firmness, he taught the unwavering truth of the Catholic faith, with no compromise.

Resistance Against Changes He Instituted in His Diocese

In September 2016, he announced that all Masses that he offered at the Cathedral parish would be offered ad orientem (facing the altar).

This and many other changes that he made, did not endear him to many in the diocese who preferred happy-clappy, “All Are Welcome”  Masses.

The liberal Catholic publication National Catholic Reporter, lamented earlier this year how disenchanted Catholics in his diocese were.  If even 50% of the statements it cited below is true, it only highlights how faithful Bishop Morlino was to Catholic teaching.

  • “Endorsed the diocesan chancery’s letter to priests denying Catholic funeral rites to LGBT people;
  • Stopped the distribution of eucharistic wine, saying Wisconsin Catholics lacked sufficient devotion;
  • Recruited a cadre of young priests, particularly those from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest, who embrace a return to pre-Vatican II liturgical practices;
  • Fired a director of religious education for her refusal to recant an academic dissertation that discussed the ordination of women;
  • Opined that the hymn “All Are Welcome” contains a wrong message — Morlino argued that the church is a community that embraces only those willing to accept its precepts;
  • Castigated the values of Madison, arguing that the college town and state capital’s liberal attitudes were contrary to Catholic faith;
  • Wrote a column in his diocesan newspaper before the 2016 election widely interpreted as an endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump;
  • Provided a diocesan home for Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, a blogger and frequent critic of Francis. 


Just last year, a petition to Pope Francis was circulated which garnered over 7,000 signatures, to remove him from office.

However, Bishop Morlino, Successor to the Apostles, did not become discouraged.

Recent Comments on the Priestly Sexual Abuse Crisis

bishop morlino has died supported archibshop vigano
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Understanding that there is a faction in the Catholic Church that seeks to destroy the faith,   Bishop Morlino recently made a statement in support of Archbishop Vigano, the bishop who blew the whistle on the homosexual and pedophilic ring in the Church.

“However, I must confess my disappointment that in his remarks on the return flight from Dublin to Rome, the Holy Father chose a course of “no comment,” regarding any conclusions that might be drawn from Archbishop Viganò’s allegations.

Pope Francis further said expressly that such conclusions should be left to the “professional maturity” of journalists. In the United States and elsewhere, in fact, very little is more questionable than the professional maturity of journalists.

The bias in the mainstream media could not be clearer and is recognized almost universally. I would never ascribe professional maturity to the journalism of the National Catholic Reporter, for example. (And, predictably, they are leading the charge in a campaign of vilification against Archbishop Viganò.)

Having renewed my expression of respect and filial affection for the Holy Father, I must add that during his tenure as our Apostolic Nuncio, I came to know Archbishop Viganò both professionally and personally, and I remain deeply convinced of his honesty, loyalty to and love for the Church, and impeccable integrity. In fact, Arch. Viganò has offered a number of concrete, real allegations in his recent document, giving names, dates, places, and the location of supporting documentation – either at the Secretariat of State or at the Apostolic Nunciature.

Thus, the criteria for credible allegations are more than fulfilled, and an investigation, according to proper canonical procedures, is certainly in order. I might add that my faith in the Church is not shaken in the least by the present situation. Similar situations, and worse, have occurred in the past – though perhaps not in these United States.

It is time for us to renew our conviction in that final article of the Nicene Creed: Credo… et unum, sanctam catolicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam, which literally translated means, I believe the Church, as one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

The Church is the body of Christ and, as yesterday’s Gospel reading put the question, “Lord to whom shall we go, you alone have the words of eternal life?”

May our Blessed Mother, the Mother of the Church, and Mother of Bishops and Priests, intercede for us, along with St. Michael the Archangel, as we continue our battle against the ancient foe. ” Source.

Faithful Catholics everywhere have lost a great shepherd & champion of the faith – a true Prince of the Church.

Now That Bishop Morlino Has Died, What Can We Do?

Bishop Morlino instituted so many positive changes and he was an inspiration to other bishops who wish to do the same, but are afraid.

  • We must pray – pray very hard – for a worthy replacement. It would be a shame if a liberal bishop was appointed to undo all the positive changes.
  • We must continue to speak against destruction of the faith, and we must pray for and demand fidelity to the Catholic faith.
  • We must pray for the soul of Robert G. Morlino.  May his purgatory be quick.

Bishop Morlino, you have fought the great fight.  Now enter into your rest.

Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.

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  1. May his gentle soul rest in the bosom of his creator
    May that God who said that after works comes rest grant him peace eternal

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