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20 Pope Benedict XVI Quotes to Inspire Us to Live Saintly Lives

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Pope Benedict XVI quotes are often shared because his writing was so prolific.

He was one of the greatest theologians of our Faith and his writings are worthy of meditation.

Our hearts were saddened by the death of our dear Papa Benedict XVI.

We do not understand the true reasons behind why he resigned from his papacy. Only God knows. Yet, we are grateful for the wisdom this great patriarch and successor of Peter, shared with us.

May his memory be eternal. May we continue to learn from him.

Requiescat in pace, Papa Benedict.

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Here Are 20 Pope Benedict XVI Quotes to Inspire Us to Live Saintly Lives

  1. “I ask you to “abide” in the adoration of Christ, truly present in the Eucharist. I ask you to enter into conversation with him, to bring before him your questions and to listen to his voice.”
  2. “The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”
  3. “To acknowledge the beauty and goodness of marriage is to realize that only a setting of fidelity and indissolubility, along with openness to God’s gift of life, is adequate to the grandeur and dignity of marital love.”
  4. “Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything. When we give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return.”
  5. “How can it be that the most wondrous and sacred human space — the womb — has become a place of unutterable violence” through abortion?!”
  6. “It is your God-given responsibility as pastors to bind up the wounds caused by every breach of trust, to foster healing, to promote reconciliation and to reach out with loving concern to those so seriously wronged.”
  7. “Many people today have a limited idea of the Christian faith, because they identify it with a mere system of beliefs and values rather than with the truth of a God who revealed himself in history, anxious to communicate with human beings in a tete-a-tete, in a relationship of love with them.”
  8. “We have a lurking suspicion that a person who does not sin must really be basically boring and that something is missing from his life.”
  9. “Let us never forget St. Augustine’s experience: It is not we who possess the truth after having sought it, but the truth that seeks us out and possesses us.”
  10. “God is alive, and he needs people to serve him and bring him to others. It does makes sense to become a priest: the world needs priests, pastors, today, tomorrow and always, until the end of time.”

Benedict XVI Defender of the Faith

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  1. “If you follow the will of God, you know that in spite of all the terrible things that happen to you, you will never lose a final refuge. You know that the foundation of the world is love, so that even when no human being can or will help you, you may go on, trusting in the One that loves you.”
  2. “Holiness does not consist in never having erred or sinned. Holiness increases the capacity for conversion, for repentance, for willingness to start again and, especially, for reconciliation and forgiveness.”
  3. “The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and states; hence there is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue.”
  4. “Today we have to learn all over again that love for the sinner and love for the person who has been harmed are correctly balanced if I punish the sinner in the form that is possible and appropriate.”
  5. ““Truth is not determined by a majority vote.”
  6. “We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God”
  7. “The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness”
  8. “Evil draws its power from indecision and concern for what other people think.”
  9. “Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine, but demonic.”
  10. “Seeing with the eyes of Christ, I can give to others much more than their outward necessities; I can give them the look of love which they crave.”

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Pope Benedict XVI Quotes

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