prayer for persecuted Christians

Prayer for Persecuted Christians

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We need prayer for persecuted Christians.

Did you know Christians are martyred every day? I just saw an article that reported that since May of 2023, over 450 Nigerian Christians were martyred. Thousands have been killed over the years.

We all watched, horrified, as Isis executed Christians in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya.

Even in the U.S., there are signs that we might undergo a time of Christian persecution. We recently found out that the FBI attempted to infiltrate Traditional Catholic parishes and subvert priests, because we are against gender propaganda and abortion.

It is quite possible that there might soon be Christian martyrdom in the West.

We know that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church, but that doesn’t mean we should not pray for those who undergo persecution.

Please remember the Christians who are going through persecution, all over the world.

Lay Saints – Martyrs

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Prayer for Persecuted Christians

O God of all the nations, the One God who is and was and always will be, in Your providence You willed that Your Church be united to the suffering of Your Son.

Look with mercy on Your servants who are persecuted for their faith in You. Grant them perseverance and courage to be worthy imitators of Christ.

Bring Your wisdom upon leaders of nations to work for peace among all peoples.

May Your Spirit open conversion for those who contradict Your will, that we may live in harmony.

Give us the grace to be united in truth and freedom, and to always seek Your will in our lives. Through Christ our Lord.


Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians, pray for us.

Mexican Martyrdom: Firsthand Accounts of the Religious Persecution in Mexico 1926-1935

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