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Prayer to Saint Blaise for the Strength to Defend Our Faith

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The most popular prayer to Saint Blaise is the blessing of throats.

The blessing of throats is a sacramental in which a pair of crossed candles is placed at the throat of the faithful and the blessing is conferred.

Saint Blaise, a 4th century bishop and physician who lived in what was historically considered Armenia, is rarely mentioned except in association with the blessing of throats.

Yet what is often forgotten is that in 316 A.D., St Blaise became a martyr for defending his faith.

This makes him a great intercessor when we need fortitude in order to defend our faith.

In this time, where people of faith are stigmatized and censored, we should look to Saint Blaise for the strength that we need to live our lives boldly!

Pray this prayer to Saint Blaise for the strength to defend our faith, not just on his feast day, but anytime we need his intercession so that we might persevere.

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Catholic Prayer to Saint Blaise for the Strength to Defend Our Faith

O Glorious Saint Blaise,
who by thy martyrdom
has left to the Church a precious witness to the faith,
obtain for us the grace to
preserve within ourselves this divine gift,
and to defend, without human respect,
both by word and example,
the truth of that same faith,
which is so wickedly attacked
and slandered in these our times.

You who miraculously cured
a little child when it was at the point of death
by reason of an affliction of the throat,
grant us your powerful protection in like misfortunes;
and, above all, obtain for us
the grace of repentance,
together with a faithful observance of our Church,
and avoidance from offending Almighty God.


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