Rigorous Advent 2019: On Vainglory

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Vainglory is “inordinate pride in oneself or one’s achievements; excessive vanity.” Oxford.

Vainglory is a temptation for most people. Oh, how we loved to be praised and adored!

Some temperaments are particularly prone to vainglory, such as cholerics, melancholics and sanguines, but we all struggle with it.

In this Audio

  • Why we should avoid vainglory.
  • How even when we try to be humble, we are tempted with vainglory.
  • How the demons like to tempt us with vainglory.
  • How to react when someone praises you.
  • How to acknowledge your achievements without sinning.
  • How to fight vainglory.
  • Why the simpler we are, the less likely we are to struggle with vainglory.

Mentioned in this Episode


***This audio is one of the daily meditations in Rigorous Lent 2019. ***

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