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15: Why The Fight Against Deliberate Venial Sin is So Important

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In the great devotional, In Conversation with God, Fr Francis Fernandez discusses why it’s so important that we take venial sin, not just mortal sin, seriously.

Because unlike mortal sin, venial sin does not sunder our relation with God, we sometimes see it as a normal part of life – almost a defect, but in fact it’s much more serious than that.

In this Episode

  • What is the difference between venial and mortal sin?
  • Why venial sin is not just an imperfection.
  • How venial sin gets in the way of union with God.
  • Why praying in a routine manner can be a venial sin, plus other examples of venial sin.
  • Why we must have true contrition when we confess venial sin.
  • How the saints believed that every sin, no matter mortal or venial is a disorder greater than any cataclysm.
  • A beautiful act of contrition.

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