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The Memorare in Spanish (Acordaos)

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How would you like to learn how to pray the Memorare in Spanish?

The Memorare prayer in Latin gets its name from the first sentence of the prayer – Memorare, or “remember.”

It is the same with the Spanish version. Acordaos also means “remember.”

If Spanish is your first language, or you want to learn or improve your Spanish, the Memorare in Spanish is a wonderful way to practice and pray at the same time.

We know that if we go to our Lady and ask for her protection, she will not deny us.

Memorare In Spanish (Acordaos)

Acordaos, oh piadosísima Virgen María!,
que jamás se ha oído decir
que ninguno de los que han acudido a vuestra protección, implorando tu auxilio, haya sido desamparado.
Animado por esta confianza,
a Vos acudo, Madre, Virgen de la vírgenes,
y gimiendo bajo el peso de mis pecados
me atrevo a comparecer ante Vos.
Madre de Dios, no desechéis mis súplicas,
antes bien, escuchadlas y acogedlas benignamente.


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