sin of pride

Here are 15 Quotes on the Sin of Pride To Keep You Humble

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sin of pride

The sin of pride births many sins. Pride prevents us from seeing our own sins, which means we are less likely to be repentant.

We all suffer from pride although some temperaments are more prone to pride. Even the Saints had to work hard to combat pride.

May some of these quotes on the sin of pride inspire us all to greater humility.

15 Quotes on the Sin of Pride To Keep You Humble

  1. “There never can have been, and never can be, and there never shall be any sin without pride.” ~St Augustine
  2. “I will simply counsel every man and woman to beware of even the very least speck of pride, which seems to me to be the mere delight and liking of ourselves for anything whatsoever that either is in us or outwardly belongs to us. ~ St. Thomas More
  3. Pride makes us forgetful of our eternal interests. It causes us to neglect totally the care of our soul.” ~St John Baptist de la Salle
  4. “Virtues are formed by prayer. Prayer preserves temperance. Prayer suppresses anger. Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. Prayer draws into the soul the Holy Spirit, and raises man to Heaven.” ~St Ephrem
  5. “The way to Christ is first through humility, second through humility, and third through humility. If humility does not precede and accompany and follow every good work we do, if it is not before us to focus on, it it is not beside us to lean upon, if it is not behind us to fence us in, pride will wrench from our hand any good deed we do at the very moment we do it.” ~St Augustine
  6. “You must ask God to give you power to fight against the sin of pride which is your greatest enemy – the root of all that is evil, and the failure of all that is good. For God resists the proud.” ~St Vincent de Paul
  7. “Anyone who thinks of what he is, what he has been, and what he can do of himself will find it difficult to be proud.” ~Saint Claude de la Colombiere
  8. “There are very few people, even in the lowliest conditions, who do not have a good opinion of themselves. They regard themselves as far superior to their equals, and their detestable pride urges them to believe that they are indeed worth a great deal more than most other people. From this I conclude that pride is the source of all the vices and the cause of all the evils which have occurred, and which are still to come, in the course of the centuries. We carry our blindness so far that often we even glorify ourselves on account of things which really ought to cover us with confusion. ~Saint John Vianney
  9. “Blessed is the one who takes no more pride in the good that God says and does through him than in that which He says and does through someone else.” ~Saint Francis of Assisi
  10. “Whoever will proudly dispute and contradict will always stand outside the door. Christ, the master of humility, manifests His truth only to the humble and hides Himself from the proud.” ~Saint Vincent Ferrer

Humility of Heart

  1. “The rivers of Grace cannot flow uphill, up the steep cliff of the proud man’s heart. ~St. Bernard of Clairvaux
  2. “Often the contempt of vainglory becomes a source of even more vainglory, for it is not being scorned when the contempt is something one is proud of.” ~St Augustine
  3. “Humility is the only thing that no devil can imitate.” ~St John Climacus
  4. “God refuses only the person who does not admit his own weakness; He sends away only the unhappy proud person. You must “hold him” well and strongly, with a poor spirit, with a poor heart, with a life entirely poor …” ~St. Raphael Kalinowski
  5. “In prosperity, give thanks to God with humility and fear, lest by pride you abuse God’s benefits and so offend him. ~Saint Louis IX

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