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5 Catholic Books About Angels That Will Blow Your Mind!

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There are a number of Catholic books about angels, but how sure are we about the the theology of angels?

A number of verses in scripture make it clear that angels exist. In fact, when our Lord went to fast in the desert, Satan taunted Him, by taking him to the top of a mountain and daring him to jump. The devil said:

“If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down, for it is written: That he hath given his angels charge over thee, and in their hands shall they bear thee up, lest perhaps thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Matthew 4:6 (Douay Rheims Bible)

In fact, we know through Tradition that Satan and his demons are in fact fallen angels. They were cast out of heaven after St. Michael, the Archangel, through the power of God, defeated them when they tried to rebel against God.

Many other Saints refer to angels and archangels, including St. Thomas Aquinas, the great theologian who spoke about angels. For example, in the Summa Theologiae, Question 56: he says:

“The angels are mightier in knowledge than men. Yet men can know God through their natural principles; according to Romans 1:19: “what is known of God is manifest in them.” Therefore much more so can the angels.”

Summa Theologiae

The following Catholic Books about angels are sound, and approach angel theology in diferent ways.

Be blessed in your journey to learn more about angels!

5 Catholic Books About Angels

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1) All About the Angels, by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan

In All About the Angels, mainstay author Fr. Paul O’Sullivan offers a wonderful exposition on the bodiless spirits of heaven, showing how they visit people many times in the past and present. They would do so still if we but asked! Fr. O’Sullivan relates how the angels:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Comfort us
  • Help us
  • Protect us from the devils

All about the Angels contains beautiful stories about the great archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, along with stories from the lives of St. Gemma Galgani, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Bosco, and many others! Let Fr. O’Sullivan’s words inspire in you a desire for greater communion with the angels, who reflect the glory of God most perfectly.


2) The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition

angels in catholic teaching and tradition

“Father Pascal Parente compiles in this little book nearly everything that is known with certainty about the angels. Drawing heavily from Tradition and Doctors and Fathers of the Church, Parente explains the angels’ creation, intelligence, free will, language, powers, movements, number, and particular duties. He also relates the history of devotion to the holy angels and discloses such little-known facts as that there are guardian angels not only of individuals, but also of churches, dioceses, and nations!

In a world that is increasingly curious about spiritual beings and at the same time skeptical about the existence and power of those beings, The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition is a crucial tool for distinguishing the true from the false and the known from the unknown. It is a sure guide through the unseen and holy world of the angelic spirits—a book that truly instructs and inspires us to live in the presence of the Holy Angels!”


3) Angels & Devils, by Joan Carroll Cruz

angels and devils

“In today’s age of disbelief and skepticism, even many Christians no longer believe in angels—or in devils. Yet the existence and importance of spiritual, bodiless powers is one of the most basic and prominent features of both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Creation abounds with heavenly guardians and patrons who pray on our behalf and guide us in life—and with demons who desire our ruin through temptations and deceits.

Here, in Angels and Devils, TAN mainstay author Joan Carroll Cruz provides an excellent summary of what the Church has been revealed about angels and devils. She expounds upon the traditional definitions and delineations of the angels and devils and provides practical advice about their relevance in all of our lives, from prayers and devotions to good angels to warnings about the New Age and occult connections to the devils.


4) Meditations on the Holy Angels

meditations on the holy angels

In the history of the Church, there are few saints who wrote with such angelic purity and devotion on the subject of angels as Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. Much has been written on this Jesuit novice who died at the young age of twenty-three while caring for plague victims, but little has been available on his actual writings—that is, until now. For the first time in English, Meditations on the Holy Angels, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga’s longest and most significant work is offered to readers. Discover this great saint’s love for the holy angels, no doubt a powerful inspiration for his own angelic purity. Those who read this inspiring work will fall more deeply in love with God and His holy angels. Learn about our angelic companions’ excellence, nobility, and glorious order. Contemplate the powerful roles of Saints Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael through the eyes of one of the Church’s great Jesuit saints.

Included in this volume are two important versions of the life of Saint Aloysius. The first is from the Office of the saint, first published in 1737, and subsequently incorporated into the Roman Breviary. The other version, published in 1699, is somewhat longer and offers further beautiful details of his sanctity, piety, and ardent charity.


5) A Year with the Angels: Daily Meditations with the Messengers of God

a year with the angels

A Year With The Angels invites you to discover the authority and strength of the Heavenly Host. Angels embody virtues, graces, and knowledge of the Truth because they stand before the very Throne of God. Among the Angels’ responsibilities are governing the universe and the movements of nature, defending creation from the attacks of the devil, and acting as messengers of God to mankind.

This year, learn to appreciate our unique relationship with the Angels – especially those assigned to protect us during our sojourn on earth. What better protectors and intercessors could we ask for than the first of all creatures, who have beheld the face of God from their very beginning?

This edition features beautifully crafted pages, with durable Premium Deluxe leatherette dual tone binding, ribbon marker, gold edges.


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