recommendation to one's guardian angel

Recommendation to One’s Guardian Angel for a Happy Hour of Death

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By St Charles Borromeo

St. Charles Borromeo is the author of a prayer called, “Recommendation to One’s Guardian Angel for a Happy Hour of Death.”

We know not when we will die. This is why as Catholics, we are taught to always remember our deaths (memento mori).

For some, not knowing when we shall die could cause great distress. However, we know that God will never leave us nor forsake us, and we have recourse to our Lord, the Blessed Virgin, and even our guardian angels.

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Recommendation to One’s Guardian Angel for a Happy Hour of Death

My good Angel: I know not when or how I shall die. It is possible I may be carried off suddenly, and that before my last sigh I may be deprived of all intelligence. Yet how many things I would wish to say to God on the threshold of eternity. In the full freedom of my will today, I come to charge you to speak for me at that fearful moment. You will say to Him, then, O my good Angel:

That I wish to die in the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church in which all the saints since Jesus Christ have died, and out of which there is no salvation.

That I ask the grace of sharing in the infinite merits of my Redeemer and that I desire to die in pressing to my lips to the cross that was bathed in His Blood!

That I detest my sins because they displease Him, and that I pardon through love of Him all my enemies as I wish to be pardoned.

That I die willingly because He orders it and that I throw myself with confidence into His adorable Heart awaiting all His Mercy.

That in my inexpressible desire to go to Heaven I am disposed to suffer everything it may please His sovereign Justice to inflict on me.

That I love Him before all things, above all things and for His own sake; that I wish and hope to love Him with the Elect, His Angels and the Blessed Mother during all eternity.

Do not refuse, O my Angel, to be my interpreter with God, and to protest to Him that these are my sentiments and my will. Amen.

~From “Prayers, Promises and Devotions for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

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