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Consecration to Mary | St. Frances de Sales

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St. Francis de Sales wrote this consecration to Mary because he had a very deep devotion to our Lady.

This reverence to our Lady appears in many of his sermons and writings. Here are some examples:

Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.

~St. Francis de Sales

In reward for this the eternal and great king, the Almighty God, gave her a degree of glory worthy of her greatness, and also power to distribute to her clients graces worthy of her liberality and magnificence. Amen.”

St. Francis de Sales

Our Lord established three unions in the sacred Virgin Our Lady…The first is that of the Divine Nature with the human nature in her sacred womb, which is so elevated a mystery.

The second union which He effected in Our Lady was that of maternity with virginity, a union which is absolutely outside the course of nature, for it unites two things which it is impossible to find together in nature.

The third union is that of a very exalted charity and a very profound humility.

St. Francis de Sales: Sermon for the Feast of the Visitation

Pray this Consecration to Mary, as a way of honoring her and begging for her assistance.

Consecration to Mary – St. Francis de Sales

MOST Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God, I (full name), most unworthy though I am to be thy servant, yet touched by thy motherly care for me and longing to serve thee, do, in the presence of my Guardian Angel and all the court of Heaven, choose thee this day to be my queen, my advocate, and my mother, and I firmly purpose to serve thee evermore myself and to do what I can that all may render faithful service to thee.

Therefore, most devoted Mother, through the Precious Blood thy Son poured out for me, I beg thee and beseech thee, deign to take me among thy clients and receive me as thy servant forever.

Aid me in my every action, and beg for me the grace never, by word or deed or thought, to be displeasing in thy sight and that of thy most holy Son.

Think of me, my dearest Mother, and desert me not at the hour of death.


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