michael voris resigns

Church Militant Founder Michael Voris Resigns

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Yesterday, November 21, the Catholic world was rocked with the headline “Michael Voris Resigns.

Apparently, the Founder of Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media, Michael Voris, was asked to resign by its board.

Here is an excerpt from the November 21 official statement that Church Militant Released.

“Michael Voris has been asked to resign for breaching the Church Militant morality clause. The board has accepted his resignation.

We understand this is a shock to you all, but our founder and former CEO is stepping aside and focusing on his personal health.”

Later in the day, both Michael Voris and Christine released their own video statements, and Christine stated that she resigned on November 10th.

We don’t have all the information, so we don’t want to comment except to say this.

  • None of us is immune to falling.
  • We should never gloat when a faithful Catholic falls.
  • The devil is alive and well.
  • We need to double down in prayer

St. Anthony the Great, said, “Expect temptation to your last breath.”

We should never think we are too holy to fall. We should never stop praying or let down our guard. This is when the Enemy sees his opening, and he will absolutely pounce.

Please pray for Michael Voris, Christine Niles, the Church Militant Board of Directors, the 40+ staff at Church Militant, and everyone who has been negatively impacted in the past.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Michael Voris Resigns Video Statement

Christine Nile’s Video Statement

Church Militant Official Statement

Church Militant Official Statement
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