Jesus Help Me Prayer

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The Jesus Help Me prayer is a cry from the bottom of the heart, when we finally acknowledge that we cannot do it alone, but only with Christ’s help.

There is an expression called “Jesus take the wheel”, based on a song of the same name by Carrie Underwood. It basically means Jesus help me. I need you badly!

Sometimes it feels like our lives are spinning out of control, just as a car might spin out of control, and we need to let go and ask for divine intervention.

There are times in our lives when we are forced to acknowledge that we need God’s help.

And sometimes, we just need God’s help to accept God’s Will.

In these situations, we can say “Jesus Help Me!”

But we don’t need to wait until things are falling apart to ask for Our Lord’s help.

Pray this prayer often.

Prayer: The Key to Salvation

Jesus Help Me Prayer

In every need let me come to Thee with humble trust, saying,
Jesus, help me!
In all my doubts, perplexities, and temptations,
Jesus, help me!
In hours of loneliness, weariness and trials,
Jesus, help me!
In the failure of my plans and hopes; in disappointments, troubles and sorrows,
Jesus, help me!
When my heart is cast down by failure, at seeing no good come from my efforts,
Jesus, help me!
When others fail me, and Thy grace alone can assist me,
Jesus, help me!
When I throw myself on Thy tender love as Father and Savior,
Jesus, help me!
When I feel impatient, and my cross irritates me,
Jesus, help me!
When sickness and loneliness overcome me,
Jesus, help me!
Always, in weakness, falls and shortcomings of every kind,
Jesus, help me and never forsake me. Amen

Source: Catholic Tradition

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  1. Please pray to my son Charles. He has to go to court today and is angry, swearing, unforgiving. Praise you Jesus. Thank you Jesus in helping me deal with this situation.

  2. Please Fr. Prayer for m’e and family to be delivered from any involvement in demonic, satanic and general curses.

  3. This is a fascinating post by the way. I am going to go ahead and save this article for my sister to read later on tonight. Keep up the superior work.

  4. Wisdom , Deliverance from Balance debts to be crushed soonest under the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ miraculously and an angel of Blessings locate us today as Gods messenger to come and help us resolve it .
    May our marriage be joyful as it’s tensed at present and we get to rejoice together with family.
    Lastly may our Restaurant Business prosper & sales increase daily
    as we know ….Nothing is impossible with Our God

  5. Bless us all as we gather at Easter. A fractured family in need of God’s grace and healing. Please through your son Jesus and the workings of the holy Spirit may we all draw closer to you Lord, God Father of us all. Amen.

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