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Rigorous Advent EP 13: Fraudulent Piety

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Advent is a time to grow in holiness, but it isn’t a time to feign holiness or engage in fraudulent piety.

We sometimes exhibit false or fraudulent piety for a few reasons, like:

  • Pride.
  • To make ourselves feel better about not seeking greater holiness.
  • For acceptance

We often feign to love our neighbors when we are actually envious and jealous of them.

Why engage in the counterfeit when we can have the real thing?

When we engage in fraudulent piety, we might be defrauding others, but we cannot defraud God.  What is done in the dark, eventually comes out in the light.

Now, you might say, “I would never do such a thing.”  Maybe you wouldn’t.  However, I believe that these defects are common to all men, some more to others.

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