st gertrude the great hail mary

St. Gertrude the Great: Hail Mary, Queen of Mercy

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St. Gertrude’s Hail Mary prayer is a beautiful prayer to pray daily, not just for ourselves, but for the poor souls in purgatory. We pray that our Mother will enclose us in her embrace at the hour of our death and that she will still continue to extend her loving care while we are in purgatory.

St Gertrude the Great: Hail Mary Queen of Mercy

Hail Mary, Queen of Mercy,
olive-branch of forgiveness,
through whom we receive
the medicine that heals our sickness,
the balsam of pardon.
Virgin Mother of the divine off-spring,
through your Son,
your only Child who stooped
to become the brother of humankind,
you are the true Mother of us all.
For the sake of His love,
take me, unworthy as I am,
into your motherly care.
Sustain, preserve
and enlighten my conversion.
Be for me, for all eternity,
my cherished mother,
tenderly caring for me
throughout my earthly life
and enfolding me in your arms,
at the hour of my death.

Please remember to pray for the souls in purgatory.

This article was originally posted in 2019.

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