st patrick cathedral's first latin mass

St Patrick Cathedral’s First Latin Mass in Almost 20 Years

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st patrick cathedral's first latin mass
St Patrick’s Cathedral

New York’s St Patrick Cathedral’s First Latin Mass in Almost 20 Years

St Patrick Cathedral’s first Latin Mass in almost 20 years, is going to happen.

Now if you haven’t fainted yet, let me go on to say what a tremendous feat this is.

Needless, to say my mouth dropped when I received a flyer while exiting my parish after Mass.

St Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the top tourist sites in the world.  As a New Yorker, I’ve only been there a few times for two reasons: 1) It is beautiful, but huge, and I prefer a cozier church; and 2) I have attended the Latin Mass as long as I’ve been a Catholic, and it has never had a Latin Mass during this time.

This is “yooge”!

You see, since the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), rocked the world with the liturgical changes that followed, the Catholic Church abandoned it’s beautiful, timeless liturgy for one that was more ecumenical and palatable to the modern world.  However, traditional societies of priests such as the SSPX and FSSP, continued to offer the Traditional Latin Mass.

Thank you Pope Benedict Emeritus!

In 2007, then Pope Benedict XVI, released Summorum Pontificum, which stated that the Latin Mass had never been abrogated or done away with. This was a boon to priests who offered Latin Masses. They would no longer be punished for desiring a Latin Mass (theoretically). Also, the faithful who were attached to the Mass would be able to request it at their own parishes, without having to travel for 3 hours.

Yet, St Patrick never had a Latin Mass until now.

On Monday, November 14, at 7 PM, St Patrick’s Cathedral will have it’s first Latin Mass in almost 20 years!

Kudos to the Traditional Councils of the Knights of Columbus, Regina Coeli (#423) and Agnus Dei (#12361), for requesting the Latin Mass.  A big thanks to Cardinal Dolan, who gave the okay.

I encourage the faithful who normally attend traditional Latin Masses to clear your calendar and come and support this Mass.

If you have never attended a Latin Mass, wouldn’t it be great to experience the beauty and reverence of the Latin Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral?

If the attendance is great, who knows? This might even become a regular thing.

Monday, November 14th, 7:00 PM
Solemn Votive Mass (Our Lady of Mercy)
St Patrick’s Cathedral
Fifth Avenue, at 51st Street
New York, NY

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    1. Les, I am in no way a liturgical expert, but this is a “votive Mass” and a votive Mass is a Mass celebrated for a special purpose or intention. I did find some information on “Our Lady of Mercy” here.

      Hopefully a liturgy geek will chime in later.

    2. and there you have it. Sounds like this is just a New Mass [1969] in Latin. This sounds like it is not a valid Tridentine Latin Mass

      1. 1962 is the Missal that started the Modernist changes….. I prefer, and the Mass of the Roman Catholic Church is the Mass as promulgated and defined in Pope St Pius V Bull….in 1570. This true Mass can be found no where in the New Church….Post Vatican II.

  1. Happy to have been one of the organizers of that Tridentine Mass at St. Pat’s way back when, under the direction of Father John Perricone. There were 4500 people there and it landed on the front page of the New York Times two days in a row.

  2. We are all so very blessed to have the Latin Mass back in our Churches and Priests to offer them to the faithful !! Thank you Pope Benedict!

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