st. therese miracle prayer

Miraculous Invocation to St. Therese (St. Therese Miracle Prayer)

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Many pray this St. Therese Miracle Prayer, also called the Miraculous Invocation to St. Therese because of the certainty that we have recourse to St. Therese for her intercession.

Romans 8 says:

“Death does not separate the family of God and the love of Christ. We are still united with each other, even beyond death.”

St. Therese, herself, said:

“When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens, I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth.”

How amazing is that?

Pray this St. Therese Miracle Prayer whenever you need her intercession. Many have reported receiving roses as a sign that she has heard the prayer.

In fact, here is a story of someone being showered with roses.

Whether you receive flowers or not, please know that she is listening and happy to intercede!

The Story of a Family: The Home of St. Therese of Lisieux

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O glorious Saint Therese, whom almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind, I implore your Miraculous Intercession. So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul our Holy Mother Church proclaims you a “Prodigy of Miracles…the Greatest Saint of Modern times.”

Now I fervently beseech you to answer my petition (mention here) and to carry out your promises of spending Heaven doing good upon earth…of letting fall from Heaven a Shower of Roses.

Henceforth, dear Little Flower, I will fulfill your plea” to be made known everywhere” and I will never cease to lead others to Jesus through you. Amen.

O Little Therese of the Child Jesus,
please pick for me a rose from the heavenly gardens
and send it to me as a message of love.

O Little Flower of Jesus,
ask God today to grant the favors
I now place with confidence in your hands….

(mention specific requests)

St. Therese, help me to always believe,
as you did, in God’s great love for me
so that I might imitate your “Little Way” each day.


The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer

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