athanasius writings

Three St Athanasius Writings That You’ll Absolutely Love!

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athanasius writings

Here are three St Athanasius writings which gives us a glimpse into his fight against the Arian heresy. You’ll love his very logical way of laying out the faith.

Like some other defenders of the faith, he experienced great persecution, but fought to defend the faith anyway.

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Top 3 St Athanasius Writings

1) St. Antony of the Desert

St Antony of the Desert was a mentor of St Athanasius. We get a glimpse into the remarkable St Antony of the Desert by St. Athanasius, who was formed by him.

2) On the Incarnation

On the Incarnation contains the reflections of Athanasius of Alexandria, upon the subjects of Christ, His purpose on Earth, and the nature of the Holy Spirit.

This work was composed partly to explain Athanasius’s thoughts on Jesus Christ and the nature of the Holy Spirit, and partly to refute the views of Arius, a rival deacon within the Egyptian church. According to Athanasius, God arrived on Earth as Christ to show humans a pure example of divinity – through this illustration, humans may themselves aspire to immortality.”

3) A Defense of the Nicene Definition: (De Decretis) 

“In his Defense of the Nicene Definition, Athanasius defends the specific doctrine of the Council of Nicaea that the Father and the Son are “one in substance.” Responding to Arian efforts to show from Scripture that Christ is a created being, Athanasius examines the witness of Isaiah and the Gospels, showing that Christ is an eternal person, because he possesses the same undivided divine substance as the Father.”

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