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The 41 Resolutions of St. Gabriel Possenti (St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows)

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St. Gabriel Possenti, of Assisi, Italy, was born in 1838 and received the habit of the Congregation of the Passionists, on September 21, 1856.  He chose as his religious name: Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother.  He died from tuberculosis in1862, at the age of 24, right before he was ordained as a priest.

St. Gabriel was canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV, who declared him to be the Patron of Catholic youth.

What Are the Resolutions of St. Gabriel Possenti?

The resolutions of St. Gabriel Possenti appear to be a list of spiritual resolutions, compiled from his writings.

Why Study and Meditate On St. Gabriel Possenti’s Resolutions?

St. Gabriel’s resolutions are all based on humility. Who of us does hot struggle with pride?

Take for example, #22: “I will never excuse myself when I am blamed or corrected, nor even resent it interiorly, much less put the blame upon others. How many of us shy away from taking the blame for an error because we want to appear to be perfect?

How about #26: “I will consider everyone my superior, treating all with humility and reverence?” This doesn’t mean that we should be doormats, but that we should never consider ourselves superior to others.

If we take each resolution with a grain of salt, without scrupulosity, these resolutions will surely aid in our sanctification!

St. Gabriel Possenti’s 41 Resolutions

  1. I will keep my rule, even the smallest thing.
  2. I will not neglect any of my spiritual exercises.
  3. I will shun idleness.
  4. I will be punctual.
  5. I will obey the sound of the bell as though it were the voice of God.
  6. I will receive all things from the hand of God, as being sent by Him for my own personal benefit.
  7. I will profit by every occasion for mortification that may occur.
  8. I will fulfill exactly my ordinary duties, mortifying self in whatever would prove an obstacle to perfect obedience.
  9. I will mortify my eyes and my tongue.
  10. I will not leave my cell without necessity.

Lives of the Saints: For Every Day in the Year

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  1. I will not inquire after anything through curiosity.
  2. I will check my desire to talk.
  3. I will increase the number of such like acts daily.
  4. I will not take any food outside of mealtime.
  5. I am poor and I should act accordingly.
  6. I should be willing to put up with any inconvenience gladly.
  7. I will not eat with avidity, but rather with reserve and with modesty, subjecting my appetite to reason.
  8. I will mortify myself in ordinary things and whatever I feel inclined to do, saying in my heart: “O my God, I will not do this thing through mere inclination, but because it is thy will.’
  9. I will be reserved toward those to whom I feel most inclined, prudently avoiding their presence and conversation.
  10. I will not utter a word that might, in the least, turn to my praise.
  11. I will not take pleasure in any praise bestowed upon me.
  12. I will never excuse myself when I am blamed or corrected, nor even resent it interiorly, much less put the blame upon others.
  13. I will never speak of the faults of others, even though they may be public, nor will I ever show want of esteem for others, whether in their presence or in their absence.
  14. I will not judge ill of anyone.
  15. I will show the good opinion I have of each one by covering up his faults.
  16. I will consider everyone my superior, treating all with humility and reverence.
  17. I will rejoice at the good done by others.
  18. I will not permit myself to become interested in vain and useless things.
  19. I will rejoice at the success of others.
  20. I will practice charity and kindness, assisting, serving and pleasing all.

A Dictionary of Quotes From the Saints

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  1. I will shun particular friendships, so as to offend no one.
  2. Every morning and evening I will practice some act of humility, and gradually increase the number.
  3. I will close my heart against disquiet of any kind.
  4. I will suppress immediately all emotions of impetuosity and all affections that might cloud my mind, even lightly.
  5. I will obey the voice of the Superior as if it were the voice of God himself.
  6. In my obedience, I will neither examine the why nor the wherefore.
  7. I will conform my judgment to that of my Superior.
  8. I will not employ time in conversing about purely worldly matters.
  9. Faithfulness in little things is the motto I will always follow in my efforts to reach holiness.
  10. I will try to reproduce in myself whatever I see edifying and virtuous in the conduct of others.
  11. I will give to God the best that I have — the entire affection of my heart.

You can read more about St. Gabriel Posseti on the Passionists’ website.

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