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Oh Blessed & Sweet Virgin Mary Prayer – St. Thomas Aquinas

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The “Oh Blessed & Sweet Virgin Mary” prayer by St Thomas Aquinas, is a wonderful prayer of intercession to Mary.

If only some of us knew how great a recourse we have in the Blessed Virgin. She can help us with any difficulty.

Do you feel stuck and unable to advance in the spiritual life? Call on your Mother. She will teach you how to embrace humility, as a lack of humility is the reason why a lot of us don’t advance.

Are demonic forces attacking you? Ask for her intercession. She can make clear to you the strategies of the devil so that you can resist them.

Are you struggling with matters of the flesh? She will ask her son to give you the grace to resist these evil temptations. She will teach you how to desire nothing more than to please her son.

St John Vianney said, “If you invoke the blessed Virgin when you are tempted, she will come at once to your help, and Satan will leave you.”

Our Lady wants nothing more but to bring you to her son.

St Jerome said; “Even while living in the world, the heart of Mary was so filled with motherly tenderness and compassion for men that no-one ever suffered so much for their own pains, as Mary suffered for the pains of her children.”

So if you are struggling or even if you’re doing well, but need a little help. turn to our blessed & sweet Virgin Mary.

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Oh Blessed & Sweet Virgin Mary Prayer – St Thomas Aquinas

O most blessed and sweet Virgin Mary, Mother of God, filled with all tenderness, Daughter of the most high King, Lady of the Angels, Mother of all the faithful,

On this day and all the days of my life, I entrust to your merciful heart my body and soul, all my acts, thoughts, choices, desires, words, deeds, my entire life and death,

So that, with you assistance, all may be ordered to the good according to the will of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be to me, my most holy Lady, a comforter and an ally against the stratagems and traps of the ancient enemy and of all those who harbor ill intentions against me.

From your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, request for me the grace to resist firmly the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil, an a constant resolve to sin no more and to persevere in your service and the service of your beloved Son.

My most holy Lady, I also beseech you to obtain for me true obedience and true humility of heart

So that I may recognize myself truly as a sinner – wretched and weak – and powerless, without the grace and help of my Creator and without your holy prayers, to do any kind of good work or even to resist the unrelenting assaults of evil.

Procure for me also, O my most sweet Lady, perpetual purity of mind and body, so that with a pure heart and chaste body I may be strengthened to serve you and your beloved Son through the Dominican Order.

From Him, obtain for me a spirit of poverty willingly accepted with patience and tranquility of mind, so that I will have the strength to sustain the labors of this Order and to work for my own salvation and that of my neighbors.

Obtain for me as well, O most sweet Lady, true charity with which from the depths of my heart – I may love your most holy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and, after Him, love you above all other things, and love my neighbor in God and because of God.

Thereby may I rejoice in his goodness, sorrow over his evils, despise no one, never judge rashly, and never in my heart exalt myself over anyone.

Grant, O Queen of Heaven, that ever in my heart I may have fear and love alike for your most sweet Son; That I may give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon me not for my merits but by His kindness;

And that I may ever make a pure and sincere confession and do true penance for my sins, in order that I might deserve to obtain His mercy and grace.

I pray also that, at the end of my life, you, Mother without compare, Gate of Heaven, and Advocate of sinners, will not allow me, your unworthy servant, to stray from the holy Catholic faith

But that you will protect me with your great piety and mercy, defend me from evil spirits, and obtain for me, through the blessed and glorious Passion of your Son and through your own intercession, received in hope, the forgiveness of all my sins.

When I die in your love and His love, may you direct me into the way of salvation and blessedness.


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