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A Binding Prayer for the Conversion of Our Adult Children – English & Latin

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If you’ve never used a binding prayer out of fear, rest assured, this prayer was recommended by Fr. Chad Ripperger, and falls under the category of binding and loosing prayers.  

One of the most painful trials parents face is when their children leave the faith. 

It happens more than people realize.

Often, our children’s forays into the darkness are the result of demonic influence, which means we can use a binding prayer to counteract this influence.

The following binding prayer is not specifically for conversion of children.

It is a general binding prayer,  but it can be used on yourself and anyone you have authority over, like your children.

The demons would love to claim our children for their own, but God is all powerful and he won’t let that happen. 

The following prayer is found in Fr Chad Ripperger’s book of binding & loosing prayers called, Deliverance Prayers – For Use By the Laity, in order to help with spiritual warfare.

Binding Prayer in English (Deliverance Prayers – For Use By the Laity)

If you have any questions about your particular situation, please speak to your priest or spiritual director.

Spirit of N., I bind you in the Name of Jesus, by the power of the most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Michael the Archangel, the blessed Apostles, Peter and Paul and all of the saints, and I command you to leave N. (Name of person or object) and go to the foot of the Holy Cross to receive your sentence, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Binding Prayer in Latin (Deliverance Prayers – For Use By the Laity)

Spiritus N., ego te ligo in nomine Jesu, potestate Crucis sancti, potestate pretiosissimi Sanguinis Domini nostri Jesu Christi, et per intercessione beatissime Mariae Virginis, sancti Michaelis archangeli, beatorum Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, et omnium Sanctorum et te impero recedere N. et ire ad pedem Crucis sancti sententiam tuam recipere, in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Source: Deliverance Prayers – For Use By the Laity

N” can be any particular vice or issue that you are praying against.  For example, if your child is cohabitating, you might want to pray against the spirit of fornication – fornicationis in Latin.

A list of names of spirits can be found in Fr Chad Ripperger’s book, Deliverance Prayers – For Use By the Laity. 

This Catholic binding prayer can be used for any spiritual battles you are dealing with and for anyone you might have authority over, like your children.

Have you made use of Catholic binding prayers?

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This article was originally posted in 2018 and updated in 2023.

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  1. I am praying for my adult child to return to the faith. Child attended Catholic HS but lived in NYC during college and about 6 years adterward.. Had been cohabitatiing for 6 years and is now single. I dont understand exactly why child is blocked w this; however I really want to approach this correctly. I am now in Trad church. When child was hkung, we experienced what we now know was Iongoing demonic attacks for 3 years when child age 3 – 6. W sightings, physical attacks (scratches w bleeding etc.) A lot of ongoing activity during years later on. Significant. I’m praying 7 Sorrows to reveal source, but not sure what I’m doing. Asking priest for permission to start the Auxillium Christianorem prayers. BUT.. How do I know which spirit to bind in prayer.i hear it’s bad if you dont identify and target correct one. I don’t want to empower it/them more. Please advise. Thank you! Also…..
    Am I advised to not read the book meant for only priests. I don’t want to do anything wrong..

    1. Hello Leah,

      I am so sorry to hear about your son. He is in our prayers.

      I am not qualified to give you further advice on spiritual warfare, except to say that the prayers in the book I referenced were compiled by Fr Chad Ripperger, who is traditional and an exorcist, so they are safe to pray.

      I don’t want to see you get bogged down and worried about which prayers to use. Until you can get further clarification, please just use specific prayers that the laity have been praying for years, like for example:

      Prayer to St Michael
      Prayer to St Joseph to Obtain a Conversion
      Salutations to Mary to Obtain a Conversion

      These are all good prayers to pray for your specific situation.

      God bless!

    2. Thanks LeahS for sharing. It seems to me there are 2 central problems. What happened when your child was young that he was demonically attacked. That might not have been cleared up. The second is the sin of cohabitation which it seems he has not repented of or confessed. This will weaken his faith, and the more a person endures in sin, the harder his heart becomes — don’t confuse this with being a nice guy, it’s about sin. But there is good news. As a parent you have direct spiritual authority over your son and you can command spirits to leave. I am not saying that they will, but it’s like dogs attacking your child, you can chase them off. Consecrate your child to Our Lady. Remember the example of St Monica who prayed for over 13 years for the conversion of her son Augustine. Every prayer counts. Every prayer you say for your son God offers him a grace. Luke 15, the prodigal son finally said: “I will leave this place (of sin) and return to my Father’s house.

    3. What your child needs is to be in alignment and in love with himself. He needs to find empowerment in himself and feel that he has strong boundaries from people who attempt to control him or push themselves onto them. We become susceptible to attack when people in the physical world break our sense of self, break out boundaries, and leave us not solid in own presence. These demons were most likely from the people who surrounded him and he was most likely a victim of his upbringing therefor you need to ask yourself if it is him who has an issue or the people who raised him. Respect his boundaries.

  2. Do you know if saying this prayer for my younger brother would be OK; do I have the authority over him to do so? I’ve tried looking it up to no avail, and he seriously needs these types of prayers.

  3. I have been taught by religious and priests that the correct wording for deliverance ministry, when praying for another person, is usually “bind” not commanding evil spirit to leave. That wording is for the self or for the priest.

  4. When using the prayers found in this handbook, do things get a little worse before they get better? I’m sure it’s not going to just magically go away. I’m interested in others experience when they first started using the prayers.

    1. I began to read binding prayers last week for my son. I have had a rough week, possibly spiritual attacks. I will continue to pray the binding prayers, but also add a protection prayer or prayer against retaliation.
      God bless

  5. My kids, especially my son, don’t want to hear about God either.
    Every day I consecrate him and the entire family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    I also claim God’s protection over them by praying Psalm 91…twice a day if I can, together with the ST. MICHAEL and GUARDIAN ANGEL PRAYERS..
    As mothers, we have so much power over the enemy, that most often goes unused. Ephisians 6 and Psalm 51 are also very potent weapons.
    Blessed Mother spoke of the 5 Goliath stones we have to defeat the enemy and they are:
    1. Fasting
    2. Sacrament of Confession
    3. The Holy Rosary
    4. Scripture Reading
    5. The Eucharist
    God bless you and your family. I will offer up a Divine Mercy for your intention

  6. Leah, if you can get hold of exorcised (not blessed, EXORCISED) SALT AND WATER to purify your home and land,. The devil cannot cross that. There is a prayer that goes with it. If you cannot get the exorcised salt and water, I’ll send it to you.

    1. Hi Aurora,
      Thank you!
      Where can u get hold of exorcised salt and water. Whats the difference between that and blessed water. Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. You do not have authority over your adult children! Let me repeat that- you do not have authority over your adult children. To pray this over your adult child is a slippery slope. We are all divine beings of love, sovereign from the moment we enter this world. Prayers like this are an act of control a type of control that is only desired from a space of fear. Fear is a liar. To bind is to control and is a direct violation of a humans divine sovereignty and will never result in an act of love.

    People of the Catholic faith are so so very indoctrinated… so mislead and certainly listening to the “Catholic Faith” (Which is tied strongly together in the false light agenda this world is currently controlled by in many ways) way more than they listen to Jesus. You make Jesus come through a filter- a filter that is specifically used to distort the real truth of Jesus and for a reason. The real truth of Jesus is that you are divine, you are sacred and you are loved beyond your perceived sin and beyond your perceived reasoning. Every belief you have limits the true love that exist outside and inside of you- inherent from the moment you are born without a need for purification.

    I suggest you start asking Jesus if these so called demons are not in fact fragmented aspects of your soul that have been warped and distorted in appearance by the shame and separation they experienced by the beliefs of the false light agenda. If you find a demon then love it! No better protection than to be like Jesus- an ever lasting boundless love that would not change for a demon therefor Jesus Loves the demons as well for if he didn’t that would mean that The demon had power over Jesus to transform him from love into not love and that is not the truth. Think about it very deeply as I’m sure such a statement is triggering to the many years of conditioning and beliefs of conditional love that is an absolute liar.

    1. You have been misled and your statement is wrong. Before you begin attacking the Church, you may want to look into who you are attacking. Or do you do this intentionally? Ad Jesum per Mariam

  8. Brethren, I lost my two children through a road accident in January 2022. I feel down and always feel like maybe I did something wrong to deserve this punishment. Kindly assist me in prayers to accept the will of God and to overcome grief I am in.

    Thank you.

    1. I am so sorry! I can’t imagine how unbearable the pain is. God has allowed you to experience this for a reason. Prayers for discernment and consolation for you.

  9. Can you pray a binding prayer if your children are married? Do you lose authority over them at that point?

  10. I am concerned that there may be some demonic oppression of my young adult son, have been discerning and praying about this for a couple years now, and can’t shake that. I have been praying mightily for him and have seen genuine healing in him, and a return to his faith. However, he did some things which opened him up quite a bit to darkness, and now it seems there is a spirit of chaos still hanging on that he can’t shake, though he has turned back to his faith. I want to pray a binding prayer, but do not know if I have authority over my adult children ( he is 22, living with us off and on, and still semi financially dependent on us, in case any of those details matter.). Thank you if anyone can provide guidance on this.

  11. I just heard an Interview with father Ripperger about this subject. He said that parents have spiritual authority over their children even after they leave the house and become adults. Pray away!

    1. Can you point me to the YouTube or podcast? I am always being asked this and I thought the answer was “yes,” but it would be great to get confirmation from Fr. Ripperger himself.

    2. Thank you! I know that Fr says you must name the spirit. I have prayed for guidance from Our Lady of Sorrows, but I still do not know who to name. There is chaos, anger, pride, physical pain (terrible stomach issues, debilitating, but years of medical tests say all is fine), sleepwalking, night terrors, memory loss, it goes on and on) so I have no idea where to even start. What do you do when you have no idea who or what is doing the oppression?

  12. My son was married for about 4 years when his wife cheated on him and they divorced because she did not like his profession which took him away from home a lot. Later he found a woman online and they “married” in a two minute “ceremony” conducted by a friend and, as I am Roman Catholic, I consider him to be living in sin but he feels married since they do have a marriage license. I think she married him as a means to a life of leisure. I failed him when a child because I never brought him to the faith, but later I did bring him and he had a love of the Traditional Latin Mass until he met her. Then he stopped going at all. Now he’s too busy working to pay for all the thousands he was duped into paying by his first wife. I fear for his soul. I truly fear for him. I don’t know what to do anymore except pray that he comes home to the church.

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