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Commendation to the Sacred Heart (A Night Prayer)

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An Evening Prayer with a Calming Effect

If you find it hard to sleep because of worrying about the future, or other problems in your life, what better way to calm your nerves than to commend yourself nightly to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

If you are a fan of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this prayer will fit right in with your other sacred heart devotions.

Can’t Keep Track of All Your Prayer Requests? This Prayer Has You Covered

Prayer Warriors: The beautiful Catholic evening prayer starts by praying for everyone who asked you for prayer. If you tend to forget individual prayers, don’t worry. This prayer has got you covered!

Never Neglect the Souls in Purgatory

We then move on to praying for those who are presently dying and for the souls in purgatory. By the way, you might want to adopt a practice of adopting an unknown dying soul.

Praying for the poor souls in purgatory is a must for any serious Catholic. This prayer allows you to pray for their consolation of all those who need to be purified. One day you will need these same prayers.

Are you Anxious About Your Own Death?

As Catholics, we are told that we should think upon our deaths daily. Memento Mori, right? How do we do this without becoming anxious? God has not given us a spirit of fear.

The Commendation to the Sacred Heart prayer ends by asking for God’s mercy at the hour of our death.

We need not think of our death with anxiety. Instead we pray for the gift of final perseverance – that we will remain steadfast till the end. We accept is as part of life and we trust God to keep watch over our souls.

If you are one who is prone to anxiety, pray this Commendation to the Sacred Heart frequently. You will fall asleep in peace.

Commendation to the Sacred Heart Prayer

O Most amiable Heart of Jesus! let me, my relations, and friends, and all that have commended themselves to my prayer, and for whom I am bound to pray, experience Thy most powerful aid.

Assist them individually in their necessities. O Heart full of mercies! convert all hardened hearts, console the Souls in Purgatory, be a refuge of the dying, the consolation of all distressed and suffering.

Above all, be the refuge of my soul at the hour of death, and receive it into the bosom of Thy mercy. In it I sleep securely and rest in peace. 

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory be to the Father


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  1. Thank You for sharing this with us ❤️ I love the Sacred Heart of Jesus and have devoted myself to adoring Him… this prayer may help me to draw more closely to His Most Sacred Heart. ?♥️? God bless you

      1. May we print out the prayer for personal/family use? I have a relative that has difficulty using computers.

  2. I pray always that I may have my name written in the book of life.amen please pray for me my name is Mary. Thank you so much amen

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